Frequently Asked Questions

No, it's not. CMS bin available in binary format. Because if you need develop binary format you need have buy visual studio professional version. With this binary format you can integrate visual studio community version on free of cost.
Yes, U can develop any plugin as user control. It will be easy to integrate in any page in any section.
Yes, U can integrate any could app in CMS bin. Any could app will be explained how to integrate in a HTML page. The same process you need follow when you integrating with CMS bin. U need not required any other plug-in's to connect CMS bin.
CMS bin developed in ASP .net platform. If the Linux server having .Net framework CMS bin will work with any difficulty. CMS.bin have no database entire data will be stored at XML with scalable security.
Yes. As per the Visual studio 2019 release version it supports Mac.