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Features of CMS bin
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Features of CMS bin

CMS bin Features

Microsoft Asp.Net CMS

CMS bin supports pure Asp.Net technology with fully Responisive Template integration with multiple themes, with addin plugins such as Jquery image and Video with Responsive support.

Search Engine optimization

As CMS bin is Prebuild search engine optimized application which allows the user website to be shown in the results of the searches on the net.

Unlimited Pages and themes

CMS supports unlimited pages and unlimited themes based on the template allowing the user to categorise the content in a professional way.

Corporate Users

Large organizations having different sections/departments can store content in different sub domains with diffrent templates from main domain thus securing the confidential data from the information section.

CMS bin Skills

Pure Asp.Net 4.0 and 4.5 Framework 99%
Fully Responsive Template integrated 95%
JQuery Controls Integrated 95%
Searh Engine Pre build Optimized 90%
All Browser Support 95%
Multi Language Support 95%